Icarus Technology Limited are proud to offer a range of customisable products to help our customers to fulfil their design requirements and improve production efficiency.

These customisations can range across our diodes, rectifiers, LEDs, LED-displays, piezoelectric components, wiring harnesses and of course PCB-design and manufacturing.

The customisation can range from tightening test parameters on existing devices to ensure certain requirements can be met, to creating new products to optimise our customers’ product design.

For example, one of our customers required a High-Voltage diode and cable assembly that they could take out of the box and fit into their product without any further assembling steps.

Working with our partners we were able to offer a high-quality assembly which fulfilled the electrical and mechanical demands of the application, thus helping to streamline the customer’s manufacturing process.

Another example are custom-PCB designs where the customer specifies the number of layers, the shape and size of the PCB itself and the required function.
We then work with our partners to produce a prototype PCB, which can be supplied fully populated to the customer for evaluation.

The customer can then take on the design to produce in-house, or we can provide production volumes of finished PCBs ready for insertion into the end product.

Also our wiring harnesses are bespoke and designed according to our customer’s specifications.


If you have any needs for customised products please feel free to contact us either by phone or email, and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Need help? Ask Icarus

Need help? Ask Icarus

Email us at help@icarustek.com - we'll be happy to assist with any product related queries and our expert team will get back to with a solution.