Introducing the “Cube”

The “Cube” is a contactless temperature measurement that records real conditions with infrared array sensors, e.g. person has fallen, person has entered the room, people are too close together, person has a fever, person is in a certain position or person is reaching into a field of vision. The detected states are then made available to the virtual world in the form of clear decisions.


The implementation of contactless temperature measurement is conceivable in 2 variants: In variant 1 there are infrared array sensors, microcontrollers and connectivity in an embedded system, variant 2 uses existing machine controls (PLC), production management systems (MES) or higher-level ERP systems Connection of the real and virtual world. Our “CUBE” products follow variant 1.

The electronics for contactless temperature measurement consists of a suitable infrared array sensor (e.g. Melexis MLX90621 with 32×24 pixels or Panasonic GridEye with 8×8 pixels), the embedded system with a powerful microcontroller and a connectivity interface e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth or a wired bus system to higher-level systems or Actuators, e.g. motors or devices.

Once the system architecture of infrared array sensors, microcontroller and connectivity is defined, the circuit diagram is designed and the layout is created in CAD according to the defined requirements.

The firmware in the embedded system generates decisions from real conditions and transmits them to the virtual world. Decisions are e.g. person needs help, no further person is allowed to enter the room, people have to move away from each other, the person entering the room has a fever, the person moves abnormally in their area or the person wants the door to open without touching.

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Need help? Ask Icarus

Need help? Ask Icarus

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