Sensor Products


GridEYE is an 8*8 pixel infrared array sensor, utilising thermopile to measure actual temperature as well as temperature gradients in a compact SMD design using MEMS technology. GridEYE can detect the direction of movement, and detect multiple people or objects moving in different directions, making it more functional than pyroelectric or single element thermopile sensors.

GridEYE is designed for use in home appliance, hot spot detection, area monitoring, ambient assisted living, industry safety & control, energy saving, consumer comfort, stove guard, and business intelligence applications.
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Pressure Sensors

Icarus Technology are proud to present our range of pressure sensors. Housed in a stainless steel shell, our pressure sensors all have a pressure ceramic core and processing chip. They are high precision, small in size, lightweight along with being easy to install and operate. Their stable performance, long term drift and long life make them an ideal match for your projects.
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