Icarus Technology are proud to present our new range of pressure sensors available immediately.

Housed in a stainless steel shell, our pressure sensors all have a pressure ceramic core and processing chip. They are high precision, small in size, lightweight along with being easy to install and operate. Their stable performance, long term drift and long life make them an ideal match for your projects.

Perfect EMC protection. Applications include : Automobile, Water pump, Air compressor, Air conditioning and many more.

Our NP-TP-0050 Pressure Sensor has a power supply voltage of 8-32VDC along with a piezoresitive type fabrication process.

Our NP-TP-0016 Pressure Sensor also has a piezoresitive type fabrication process and a power supply voltage of 5+0.25VDC.

If you require any further information or help to choose the best pressure sensor for your requirements please contact us via telephone (+44) 01634 811 211 or email help@icarustek.com and our team of experts will be happy to help.

Need help? Ask Icarus

Need help? Ask Icarus

Email us at help@icarustek.com - we'll be happy to assist with any product related queries and our expert team will get back to with a solution.