Icarus Technology are proud to offer capacitive LED touch displays, a visually stunning way to¬†illuminate your product’s controls buttons.



These displays are available in both, through-hole and SMD-technology, and with or without integrated IC.

They are compact in size, easy to operate with a touch of a finger, and they can be used as switches to turn any applications on or off.

Therefore possible applications include Automotive, White Goods, Industrial Applications and Consumer Applications.

The masks on the LED-Touch-Displays can be a standard symbol or customised.
Available colours include white, blue, red, green, amber, yellow and orange.


If you have any designs where you would like to try the use of these LED-Touch Displays please give us a call, and we are happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Need help? Ask Icarus

Need help? Ask Icarus

Email us at help@icarustek.com - we'll be happy to assist with any product related queries and our expert team will get back to with a solution.