New Rectron bridge-rectifier with integrated heat-sink

UPDATE: Now also available with 50 and 60 Amperes, ranging from 50 to 1000 Volts.

Rectron has recently introduced their new bridge rectifier RS3507MH-C-RL1.

This new bridge-rectifier features an integrated heat sink to offer significantly improved thermal performance when compared to the standardRS3507M-C-RL1 which is fully insulated.

In addition to the integrated heat sink this component also features a raised area around the screw hole to offer excellent protection against mechanical stress during the mounting process.

This component is especially interesting for applications that require higher currents and still need to keep the PCB cool and running efficiently.

You can find the datasheet for this component here.

Other current- and voltage-variants are also available.

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Need help? Ask Icarus

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