Marco Graumann

Monday October 30th, 2017

Infrared LEDs, Photo Transistor LED Lamps and Ultraviolet LEDs from AOP

Icarus Technology and American Opto Plus are proud to announce their new high-intensity Infrared LED, Photo Transistor LED Lamp and UVx LEDs. AOP offers Infrared diodes […]
Monday September 18th, 2017

Sixty Second Tech / EDN Website

Icarus Technology is pleased to announce that we are now featured on Sixty Second Tech. Sixty Second Tech is a marketing website and works in association […]
Monday August 21st, 2017

Panasonic Grid-EYE Sensor

The Panasonic Grid-EYE is an IR sensor utilising 64 thermopile sensors arranged in an 8*8 grid to allow detection and tracking of temperature and movement. Ideally […]
Wednesday July 19th, 2017

Silicon-Carbide Diodes

Icarus Technology is pleased to introduce a range of Silicon-Carbide (SiC) products into our portfolio. Ranging from 3A, 650V up to 10A, 1700V, these are available as […]
Need help? Ask Icarus

Need help? Ask Icarus

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