Icarus Technology are pleased to announce the newest addition to our portfolio EG2106D_A.

A high-cost performance MOS tube, IGBT tube gate drive chip, internal integrated logic signal input processing circuit, undervoltage protection circuit, level shift circuit, pulse filter circuit and output drive circuit, dedicated to brushless motor controller, power supply DC-DC drive circuit.

It has a working voltage of up to 600V at the high-end and a wide range of 10V ~ 20V at the low-end Vcc. A 200K pull-down resistor is built into HIN and another 200K pull-down resistor is built into LIN. When the input is suspended, the upper and lower power MOS tubes are in closed state, and the output current capacity is IO+/- 0.3A / 0.6A. SOP8 package is adopted.

Applications include Mobile power supply High voltage quick charge switching power supply, Wireless charging driver variable frequency pump controller, DC – DC power supply, Brushless motor driver and Robotic applications.

This part is a direct alternative to the Infineon 2EDL05N06PF and is available on a short lead time.

Samples and pricing are available on request.

Need help? Ask Icarus

Need help? Ask Icarus

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