Icarus Technology are proud to offer a range of power modules including Schottky modules; ultrafast recovery modules; TVS modules; and the ability to provide custom modules in a wide selection of packages including alternatives to many parts made obsolete by our competitors.

Our modules are ideally suited for use in applications including high current power supplies; wind turbines / wind energy applications; solar energy applications (e.g. large solar inverters); railway applications; and welding machines.

Packages include PRM1-1; PRM2; PRM3; PRM4; SOT-227; SOT-277; SPD-4; T1; T2; and TO-249.

Using power modules is a great alternative to using multiple discrete packages (such as TO-247) in series, allowing you to replace them with a single power module.  Of course, if you prefer to use discrete parts in series then we can help with those too.

Need help? Ask Icarus

Need help? Ask Icarus

Email us at help@icarustek.com - we'll be happy to assist with any product related queries and our expert team will get back to with a solution.